What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Space Warriors centers on savvy teen geniuses (boys and girls) whose smarts rival those of the NASA scientists they emulate. The underdog protagonists are teased, sabotaged, and otherwise tormented by a group of their peers, but this and all other disgraceful behavior brings serious repercussions by the movie's end. There's suspense surrounding the fate of some of the characters, and at times the story toggles between the fictional plot and some real historical events (including the U.S. space shuttle tragedies) in the U.S. space program, so be sure your kids can grasp the difference between fiction and reality with regard to these points. Expect to see some strategic product placement for movie sponsors Walmart and Procter & Gamble as well. Ultimately, though, this story offers families a wealth of positive messages about relationships, responsibility, and fair play.

  • Families can talk about the space program. How important is our continued exploration in space? Do our discoveries there have a positive effect on our lives here? What challenges threaten the future of NASA?

  • A recurring theme in this movie is that there are always consequences for behavioral missteps. How do the characters learn from the results of their actions? Would your consequences be similar if you made the same misjudgments?

  • Jimmy's dream is to go into space. What dreams do you have for your future? How will you achieve them? What special skills will you need? How would this kind of work allow you to help others?

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