Space Chimps

By conradwsba1
Written September 29, 2008
This movie was okay. It had a few good moments. I would wait for it to come on DVD.
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Lots of Monkey Business! Grade: C-average

Written July 15, 2008
First of all, I do not know how some people could rate movies that they HAVE NOT seen. And LOTS of them on Fandango do that. Mind-numbing! I have just seen this movie at a press screening. Space Chimps is a B-grade animation movie that is just a tad better than TV's Saturday morning cartoons. Definitely not on the same playing field as PIXAR's products. Doubtless, the 'plot' is mighty far-fetched but kids should lap it all up and be entertained by all the monkey antics. Some of the humor are aimed at adults but produced few guffaws. Although, the movie is packed with many moral scenarios/lessons - good educational guide materials for parents/baby-sitters. 81 minutes is about just right to entertain the kids with. There is a silly humorous bonus scene at the end of the credits. Recommendation: Good to entertain the kids - adults might just have to grin and bear it. And yes, having actually seen this movie - with integrity, I can truly give it a rating - C-average.
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a good movie for the family

By AtlBuzzDawg
Written July 16, 2008
In leaving no stone, err movie, unturned, I ventured out to see a cute, but wholly childrens movie in Space Chimps. Yes, there are some laughs for the adults, but the market for this movie was aimed squarely at the kids. The movie has a good morals lesson for everyone, but especially for the kids. I would highly recommend this one for the parents with little ones up to around ages 9 or 10 ... beyond that age, the kids will probably just get bored with it. This is one that you can let the baby-sitter play for the kids while the adults are out for the night. GRADE: B-
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By austin55
Written June 11, 2008
this movie does not look the best but i still looks cute i will still go see it
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Space Chimps

By lanleonardo
Written September 19, 2008
Initially didn't want to see it because previews made me think it was stupid. Decided to go see it anyway because at the time it was the only movie available to for my child to watch. Final consensus...abitively posolutely HILAAAAARIOUS!!! Waiting for it to come out on DVD.
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