Wants to be better

By cytokita
Written June 25, 2016
First, if you miss Starblazers, you will be reminiscing over some of the characters. The audio is deafening throughout the initial battle when the movie begins. Of course, this isn't the American cartoon the was on TV. This is a Japanese movie and it doesn't necessarily end the same as a typical American Movie. Can't say more, don't want to spoil it. It is missing the longevity that you felt with a series. The main journey is a year long, yet seemed very short. And feeling short, some of the relationships weren't as believable. The story feels rushed, even though the movie feels very long. You feel like the movie wants to be epic, but isn't quite there. With all that being said, this is my second time viewing it. Sorry to say that the real Battleship Yamato split apart when she sank. The dream of seeing her fly one day won't be coming...
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