Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Turns out to be the funniest, most risk-taking, most incisive movie of the summer.
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San Francisco Examiner

By Wesley Morris
It's a gas, dude!
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Chicago Tribune

The kind of movie that can get you simultaneously laughing and shaking your head at its audacity.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Liam Lacey
Undoubtedly the rudest and possibly the most inspired comedy of the summer.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Nonstop crudeness, vulgarity and unpleasantness. It's without any redeeming social value whatsoever. And it's funny from beginning to end.
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USA Today

By Mike Clark
This has to be the raunchiest full-length animated feature since Fritz the Cat, which got an X rating in 1971.
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By James Berardinelli
An agreeable, albeit uneven, experience. Parker should take note, however, that, in some things, size doesn't matter and bigger doesn't mean better.
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Mr. Showbiz

By Michael Atkinson
In terms of raw wit and fearless satire, the South Park kids put Mike Myers and Adam Sandler to shame.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
I laughed. I did not always feel proud of myself while I was laughing, however.
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Christian Science Monitor

By David Sterritt
Labors mightily to be as offensive and obnoxious as possible. It's inventive in an idiotic sort of way, though, and pauses occasionally to make serious points about movie violence and censorship.
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73 out of 100
Generally favorable reviews
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