This looks amazing.

By PoisonKeyblade
Written November 15, 2007
Like seriously, one of the best movies of the year. I read the graphic novels and they were just incredible. I want to see this SO bad. Anyone who is a fan of Donnie Darko MUST GO!! Plus, with Justin Timberlake, Seann William Scott, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, how can you go wrong?
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By Mgogue
Written May 11, 2008
This movie is kind of freaky and it starts slowish but once u really get into it --it's pretty cool - definitely different in a way that pulp fiction was different - u know not run of the average. But u also can't help but love the Rock - just looking at him is a treat - and there are so many other good Jon Lovitz - Seans Scott & then Justin Timberlake - maybe not true all actor but working on it - it was alright. But if u are kind of below average & can't keep up - this isn't the movie for you - stick to Disney.
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By meccassault
Written April 14, 2008
Well, the movie is well made, but if you have a hard time following confusing films, this is not for you...Although I understood what was going on overall, a few ppl that saw it with me were becoming more confused throughout the film. The ending was weak and the movie itself was really out there, and yes i found it very confusing at times. too. I am glad that I didn't go to theaters to see it. It does however, have a ton of random actors thrown together that wouldn't expect to ever see in the same has some humor in it as well...overall, CONFUSING is the word that comes to mind with this movie...Pointless is another good one. It's interesting but make sure you read the synopsis so you remember what the hell it's about otherwise you'll be lost.
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Great mindbleep!

By supercali
Written November 17, 2007
Yes I loved it. Well... it will have to process and I will need to see it again, but from action pimps & popstar porn to bloody abilene... hell yea.
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Great movie

By JoDoR
Written November 20, 2007
Don't listen to the haters - this is the most fun you'll have in the cinema this year.
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