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A soldier awakes in the body of a commuter who witnessed a train explosion.
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An IMPRESSIVE & thought-provoking sci-fi thriller

By jimchudnow
[ As posted with film poster & PHOTOS at: = ] ... On a commuter train going thru the Chicago area, we see a man named Colter (JAKE G)who’s being spoken to by his...

Source Code

By rickleon111
I disliked the film because it had too many replays of the same subplot albeit marginally changed. The actors were of good stock but their roles were one dimensional and very simple and monotonous....

Not much else out there right now

By bikerdiverstud
We went to it cause we wanted to see a movie and this looked to be the most promising out of the rest of the sub-par movies out right now. It held your interest for the duration of the film, but...

Good, but not compelling

By heringfamily
I enjoyed the movie as a fun action picture. As a sci-fi picture, I saw at least one hole that left me unsatisfied at the end. The premise raises some interesting moral, ethical questions for the...

Source Code Movie Review

By Asianfreak
70 out of 100 Everything "was" okay but still mind-controlling entertainment....

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By mahmamasaid
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Source Code review

By cmguerra

Better Than Inception

By UniversalCitizen
I enjoyed Source Code. I read a lot of SciFi and am always wanting Hollywood to take more risks with good SciFi instead of regurgitating the same crap over and over and remaking the remakes. I liked...

Suspend disbelief and watch the movie in the theater, not in the reviews...

By macblastoff
No spoiler content: I usually start with professional reviews a week before an upcoming film I've been itching to see. Unless there is a common thread that all the critics sieze on, I usually go by...

Source Code review

By aquamnky92
mind boggling.......

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Rated PG-13 | For Some violence including disturbing images, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Taut thriller delivers explosive images, sci-fi twists.
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