Very Uplifting And A Must See!!

By jonahtrainer
Written March 09, 2011
I saw one of the first advance screenings of this movie because a friend of mine has taken a great risk financing it because he believes this is a story that needs to be told. I agree. With all the challenges that we go through in life, with all the hardships and disappointments and with all our trials and tribulations it is great to see the story of an ordinary person become extraordinary. It serves as an example to all of us that we can overcome. All of us in one way or another have a shark in our life that wounds us while testing the compassion of those around us. The test is whether we will give up and fade into oblivion or push ahead, confront our fears, forge along and become our best self while helping those around us. Thank you Bethany for persevering. Thank you Bethany's family and friends for your shining example of compassion and thank you David for the investment to make sure this inspiring, uplifting and edifying story gets told. It will serve as a beacon of hope to all!
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A Excellent Inspirational Movie with a lot of heart.

By am64315
Written February 13, 2011
I recently got the opputunity to see this film at an advance screening in Baltimore and loved it. This is a very inspirational film with a strong themed message. This not the sort of movie that one would expect to come out a major Hollywood studio. The themes of this movie are very Christian centered but they are also greatly uplifting. Annasophia Robb gives the performance of a lifetime as Bethany Hamilton who after an accident decides that that is not going to stop from acheiving her dreams of being a pro surfer. Aided with an A-list cast, they help make this film one of the best of 2011. By Adam Miller Movies Correspondent and Associate Producer for The RPM Show For more, check out our website *** Link with us on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, HubPages, blubrry, iTunes and youtube. Check out my co-host Mike's video review on this movie also on our youtube page.
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Refresh Your Life's Perspective, A Must See Movie!

By bea4tas
Written April 09, 2011
This Movie is about Determination, refreshing your perspective in life, and how to survive life's challenges. It was such a great family movie, it touched me, I cried a little, but gave me an outlook of "Why I go through so much in life", and that is because I am a strong person who can handle what God gives me. It's about holding on to what you Love and to Rise up, and have Determination through the worst and how to move on to success. If you want to experience a refreshed outlook on your life, open your heart up and let this Movie touch you and bring you back to Reality. May you have a Wonderful Experience.
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Must see for all families

By negrablack7664
Written April 11, 2011
This was such an amazing movie and a must see for all families. You see how your faith, determination and hard work will take you!
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see this movie

By kne3483
Written May 06, 2012
I loved that movie!
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