SOUL MEN hits middle-to-high notes! GRADE: B-minus.

Written November 05, 2008
Samuel L. Jackson and (the late)Bernie Mac totally clinched the comedic aspects of this fun ENTERTAINING hilarious verbally-VULGAR and sexually-graphic(some scenes) movie. It was so much fun watching their chemistry throughout the movie - you can tell that they had A BLAST filming it together. The plot was thin but the two stars' acting/comedic-talents and more-than-ok singing abilities were enough to carry the entire movie. It's refreshing to see the 'lighter' side of Samuel L. Jackson - he was so FUNNY! The end credits is worth staying for - Bernie Mac's interview was hilarious. Kudos to the supporting cast for a job well done - helping to supply more laughs. This movie received a resounding applause from the advance press screening audience. VERDICT: HIGHLY recommended for all fans of Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, (the late)Isaac Lee Hayes Jr. Due to the mature/sexually-graphic content and vulgar language, SOUL MEN is not appropriate for children/kids/youths.
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Get your shoe soles into this movie

By jbborg
Written December 13, 2008
Bernie Mac was soooo funny, I had to see this one twice. Samuel L Jackson played perfectly off of him. The last time I saw him this good was in Long Kiss Goodnight. Jackson had me believing he actually followed the Tao. Be sure to go on Sat. so you can get your 'Free Rim Job' Goodbye Bernie - I will miss you
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Soul Men

By Ez_duzit
Written December 14, 2008
I had smile on my face and my toe was tappin for much of the movie. Although it had quite a bit of profanity, It was appropriate for the character's in this movie. You got to understand the culture to appreciate the vernacular. The relationship of Samuel and Bernie reminded me a lot of a good friend of mine so I could relate to their interaction. As someone who could appreciate old school jams, I really enjoyed those scenes where they performed their musical numbers. My props to three great entertainment icons. Samuel, Isaac and the Mac man.
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Soul Men

By laura151
Written December 08, 2008
Based on the advertising and the description of thiis movie, along with the names of the actors who were in it, I thought that it would be a better and funnier movie. I was disappointed that they didn't stick to the two musicians as they traveled to the Apollo Theatre performance. I also didn't think that the movie needed all the "m-f" usage in the movie. It took a lot of enjoyment in the movie away for me.
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By CubeOnFire
Written November 28, 2008
I Loved this movie!!!! I saw it two times and plan on seeing it again!!!! Too bad they cant make a sequel. :(
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