SORORITY ROW - kills me! Grade: B-average (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written September 11, 2009
Thursday 9/10/09 - At 1hr 41min this slasher/horror/suspense remake felt overly long. Despite that, Stewart Hendler's direction, Ken Seng's cinematography and the movie's above-average production values lifted it up over other movies of this genre - hence, the B-average grade. Well - I'd like to point out that if you're able to overlook some plot-holes and continuity errors, then you might just enjoy this flick. I've not seen the original 1983 House On Sorority Row - so, I have no basis for comparison and I had no expectations. Thus, I was surprised to find myself liking this movie - especially when I am not a major fan of the slasher/horror genre. Kudos to the relatively unknown BUT talented young thespians who populated the movie. They played their characters well - I found myself empathizing with some of them while I vicariously shared their peril and sense of terror. VERDICT: Worth a visit. Carrie Fisher rocks! (best lines/zingers in the movie)
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Soroity Row

By tracyftfc
Written September 21, 2009
I thought it was a great scary movie. It was nice, as a parent, not having to see people having sex in the movie. People still got a couple chest shots, but it was nice not having to feel uncomfortable with your 13-year sitting next to you and a sex scene comes on. They need to do more films like this one and it was really good.
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Five Word Review

By lovegreatfilms
Written September 13, 2009
scary suspenseful bloody good exciting
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Five Word Review

By Scarlet441
Written September 14, 2009
better than I thought gosee
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Rumor Willis Made It Worthwhile!

By adicullen
Written September 20, 2009
This was average on the horror movie scene. Somewhat predictable but nevertheless slightly entertaining. Good for teens and young adults. This movie has been done so many times that seeing another version didn't do much for me. Rumor Willis was the only actor that could actually...act. I hope she is in more movies. Cute movie, I guess. I would rent it rather than pay movie ticket prices.
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