Sorority Row

By Derrick Deane
Written March 30, 2011
Surprisingly effective, I mean, given the kind of movie that it is. I think that's probably why critics in general gave unfavorable reviews for this film. Sure it's not without it's flaws and some of the acting could be better, but at least the series of twists at the end wasn't predictable. Overall, I enjoyed it.
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Loved it

By ryanabooth2000
Written February 25, 2017
8 words: I was on the edge of my seat
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Taking More Chances In The Horror Department...

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written September 05, 2009
From what Ive seen of the trailers and clips I can honestly say that none of the glimpses were a downturn for the movie. Like in other horror films you have your college kids doing stupid things having fun partying usually all lead to sex before they die and most of the endings are predictable. Now I was speaking for other horror movies not for this one this one differs as far as the storyline goes, this film instead of just being some repetitve slasher movie, starts off with a prank gone bad and comes back to haunt the sorority girls and eventually kills them one at a time. I only usually crack down hard on the terrible films so I only give a negative rating if it deserves it, I dont believe this film deserves a negative rating but should probably just be rented I wouldnt probably pay to go see it and waste your money on a disappointment, even with a decent cast of young actresses and actors I dont think they will change the out outcome. I say wait for it on dvd.
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sorority row was great!

By aliciaskank
Written September 15, 2009
i really enjoyed this movie. the plot was good and i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. it was suspenseful and at some parts hilarious. i do believe this is a must see!
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Sorority Row

By asamaya
Written September 17, 2009
This movie was okay. It was like any other slasher movie.
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