By MFstar
Written October 10, 2009
Hey who ever has seen that movie tell me... Why the **** is the ****ing sister of the ***** who died cool at the end with the bitches who killed that one ***** and even joins this stupid club???
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What a Joke of a Film.. Avoid!

By Vidal_Benbasat
Written September 24, 2009
This film was by far one of the worst movies i've seen in my life. It was sort of similar to I know What You Did Last Summer excpetI was very predictable and just plain stupid. In addition. The Script was as dumb as can be and the ending made no sense what so ever. Audrina Partridge is famous in this movie for what she always does.... NOTHING haha. Do not see this film in the theater and forget even renting it or watching it on tv when aired. Rating: 1/10
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Dont waste your money

By Jenl2010
Written March 03, 2010
I had saw the trailer for this movie. The trailer looked super good. When i bought the movie last night and **2**/ worth your time.
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Sority Row

By wroth09
Written October 05, 2009
I thought it was a pretty good movie. i liked all the suspense. Def worth going to see!
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written January 19, 2010
Average Teen Revenge Slasher Movie
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