Sorority Row

By tklp_777
Written September 28, 2009
Even though a lot of fans gave this movie a bad rating and all it all lacks the reasons on why they think so other than predictable. Now I for one thought that it was a brilliant movie, the creativity was well rounded, as far as predictibility, some parts yes you knew what was going to happen, but then again you were guessing most of the time, and Im a huge horror/thriller fan so i know about how films like these should go, but it still got me guessing. The acting, was overall pretty good, you got who was the ***** the pushover. It takes on a realistic scenario in a sense, like "what if" but it has a crazy turn in it. If you get into the movie youll feel the swirl of emotions that goes on in it. I do recommend this movie to of course your average horror/thriller fan, I honestly dont think that youll be disappointed.
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By Chelsea_Lynn
Written September 26, 2009
I actually kind of liked this movie.
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Five Word Review

By thetrueness
Written September 11, 2009
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Wasn't Even An Horror Movie.

By kalmakazee
Written October 25, 2009
I am the BIGGEST fan of horror movies and horror movies are pretty much the ONLY movies that I ever pay to visit a movie theater for. Almost any horror movie that has a bad rating on here I still enjoy at the theater. For me the point of a horror movie is to totally FREAK out and have the scare of a lifetime. Sorority Row was the STUPIDEST and most PREDICTABLE movie I have EVER seen. The few rare times that there was any horror action and it ONLY lasted about 10 seconds. Any time you hear this grinding noise is when the horror takes place. A quick stab here and there and the horror scene is over. I have to say that this was the DUMBEST movie ever. If you want to have a heart-attack and REALLY be scared then go watch "Orphan." Now "Orphan" in my books is what I consider a horror movie. Just remember that I am a TRUE fan of horror movies and those are pretty much the ONLY genre of movies that I EVER watch. I live to be scared and of course safe. :-D
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sorority row

By horror_movie_lover91
Written October 17, 2009
I went to this one night with a couple of my gfs and i never saw the previews for this movie. This was the first horror movie that actually made me scream in the theater thankfully we were the only ones in the theater that night.
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