AN Interesting Thriller Worth Seeing

By calsmac
Written September 15, 2009
This was a suspensful and fun thriller to see and enjoy in your spare time. The acting and cinematography was really good with the leading ladies all very good looking. They didn't stoop to using too much blood and gore to get a thrill from the audience. The plot did that for us. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out plots of movies, buI was clueless till the end. They also didn't exploit the lovely ladies by showing gratuitious boobage or massive amounts of other nudity either. Don't get me wrong, there was nudity, it was just not overdone. The move is definitely meant for the 18+ crowd....both guys and girls who enjoy a good horror/thriller flick. I'm betting there is a directors' cut waiting to be released on DVD and blu-ray that will have more nudity...
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gave me what i expected

By Beau_Ren
Written September 15, 2009
after seeing the previews to this movie, dont lie to yourself you knew what you were getting, they did a great job of throwing you off the killers tracks because you dont know enough about the characters to play detective and figure it out yourself, i liked that the blonde girl went against the stereo type and was more of the leader aggressive type -but the movie, wasnt scary just fun, go with friends and have a laugh if going to movies is your thing. otherwise wait for dvd if you want to know what happens.
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Sophmore Update on Slasher Films..

By CtMovie_Buff
Written October 02, 2009
Basics: acting wasnt horrible, very believable, story also very realistic (in some aspects, more or less). This did not show a new and exciting take on the slasher films. The only difference was actually the dialogue amongst the characters that made this a worthy attempt on have me sit through a modern day I Know What You Did Last Summer with a hint of Mean Girls. Overall: not great, but entertaining, definitely late night fun with friends or a date. Consensus: 2nd choice when purchasing tickets, rent it, or wait for cable... either way its the same...
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Five Word Review

By meccassault
Written September 21, 2009
This Is Definitely A Rental.
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Sorority Row

By tklp_777
Written September 28, 2009
Even though a lot of fans gave this movie a bad rating and all it all lacks the reasons on why they think so other than predictable. Now I for one thought that it was a brilliant movie, the creativity was well rounded, as far as predictibility, some parts yes you knew what was going to happen, but then again you were guessing most of the time, and Im a huge horror/thriller fan so i know about how films like these should go, but it still got me guessing. The acting, was overall pretty good, you got who was the ***** the pushover. It takes on a realistic scenario in a sense, like "what if" but it has a crazy turn in it. If you get into the movie youll feel the swirl of emotions that goes on in it. I do recommend this movie to of course your average horror/thriller fan, I honestly dont think that youll be disappointed.
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