Sorority Row Synopsis
The body count rises as a group of sorority sisters (Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung) begin receiving messages from a friend whose death they covered up a year ago.
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SORORITY ROW - kills me! Grade: B-average (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Thursday 9/10/09 - At 1hr 41min this slasher/horror/suspense remake felt overly long. Despite that, Stewart Hendler's direction, Ken Seng's cinematography and the movie's above-average production...

Soroity Row

By tracyftfc
I thought it was a great scary movie. It was nice, as a parent, not having to see people having sex in the movie. People still got a couple chest shots, but it was nice not having to feel...

Five Word Review

By lovegreatfilms
scary suspenseful bloody good exciting...

Five Word Review

By Scarlet441
better than I thought gosee...

Rumor Willis Made It Worthwhile!

By adicullen
This was average on the horror movie scene. Somewhat predictable but nevertheless slightly entertaining. Good for teens and young adults. This movie has been done so many times that seeing another...

Five Word Review

By josecuervo350
predictable teenie-bopper ho-hum hoots***** nap...

this flick is a sure kill!

By matt_hunter
Alright... I, like many other people who are going to see this, had very low expectations going into this movie. I think that worked in this movie's favor, because I actually ended up enjoying it....

this move

By thebeast27
was really good actually i was shocked the main thing about this you have to be with the right people and right audience lol good times...

Above my expectations

By redyeah
I went into this thinking there was ahorrible plot and it was just not going to be entertaining. Actually, it was fun. The death scenes keep the viewer watching and the dialogue is campy, so this...

I wanted a little more!

By movie_fanatic10
It had some really entertaining kills..i'll give them that. As well as the good acting. Some camera angles were excellent but some were pathetic. It's like the director tried to hard to make the...

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and partying.
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Common Sense Media says Satirical shadings can't save sorority slasher schlock.
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