SON OF RAMBOW – Outsider Shoots A Film:

By jimchudnow
Written May 11, 2008
[From an advance screening:] There are a number of charming and interesting elements in this British movie-- along with some strange, confusing and unnecessary side-trips into “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” territory. The underpinning of the film revolves around the life of pre-teen Will in a near-Puritanical religious sect called The Brethren. Since I know someone who’s taught in a Brethren-based school, I know a lot of what the film portrays (i.e., the disassociation with modern dress and technology like videos) is quite accurate. In the public school he attends, the naive Will (played by BILL MILNER) meets a similarly-aged delinquent guy Lee (well acted by WILL POULTER) who introduces him to the “Outsider” world of movies and disobedience. Brethren Will becomes obsessed with filming a MOVIE with his quasi-friend, to the consternation of his very religious mother and her male friend. While too much of this goes off on meaningless tangents, it has some enjoyable fundamentals
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Better than the original

By bmuniz
Written May 20, 2008
I'm a fan of action movies and this film does a great send up of the genre. It's funny and touching and reaches to the heart of the idea of bullying. There are a lot of bullies in this film - the Brethern bullies the family, Lee Carter bullies our hero. Lee Carter's older brother bullies him. The French exchange students bully the "darling" of the English school boys. And yet, the improbable and funny flim the boys make helps to reconcile the entire school group into a better understanding of humanity and the nature of love and giving. You know this film will end happily, but it does manage to surprise you along the way. In many ways it 's a much better film than the original that it spoofs. Worth seeing even if it doesn't make your top 10 of all time.
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Written May 09, 2008
I just saw the press screening for this unpretentious coming-of-age adolescent bonding British movie set against Rambo:First Blood as it's backdrop that coherently gelled the movie together. 'Son Of Rambow' pokes fun and satirizes Rambo/Stallone; bullies/brute force; posses/entourages; interfering demanding religious establishment; the French; big hair/loud wardrobe/music of the 80s, etc. Some scenes were hilarious - balancing the stark reality of religious oppression/suppression - a theme boldly explored in the movie. The message here seems to vocalize that childhood is a precious fleeting moment filled with wonders, discovery, and creativity - and that children should be allowed to enjoy those years and grow up at their own pace. Thinly veiled, the movie commented that the French did not have a monopoly on taste, dance, culture, and acting. Despite the social/cultural satires, this movie is a breeze to watch - and kids should enjoy it as well. Recommended. Grade: B-
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Cute Movie about Kids - but for Adults

By xeniastar
Written May 07, 2008
great movie for adults who don't want to see a lot of violence, sex, etc. at the movies - i would take my mom to see it, but it's still smart and funny and enjoyable even if you usually like R-rated movies. Not really a kid's movie even though it's about kids...definitely worth seeing, although you could wait for it to come out on DVD.
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Son of Rambow

By tbonezone
Written May 11, 2008
I found this very cute. Slow for the first 10-15 minutes, but then it really picked up. A touching but funny story about friendship and family... and weird French exchange students.
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