Son of Rambow Synopsis
Two British boys (Bill Milner, Will Poulter) work together on a homemade action film.
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SON OF RAMBOW – Outsider Shoots A Film:

By jimchudnow
[From an advance screening:] There are a number of charming and interesting elements in this British movie-- along with some strange, confusing and unnecessary side-trips into...

Better than the original

By bmuniz
I'm a fan of action movies and this film does a great send up of the genre. It's funny and touching and reaches to the heart of the idea of bullying. There are a lot of bullies in this film - the...


I just saw the press screening for this unpretentious coming-of-age adolescent bonding British movie set against Rambo:First Blood as it's backdrop that coherently gelled the movie together. 'Son...

Son of Rambow

By tbonezone
I found this very cute. Slow for the first 10-15 minutes, but then it really picked up. A touching but funny story about friendship and family... and weird French exchange students....

Cute Movie about Kids - but for Adults

By xeniastar
great movie for adults who don't want to see a lot of violence, sex, etc. at the movies - i would take my mom to see it, but it's still smart and funny and enjoyable even if you usually like R-rated...

Amazing Movie!

By vrill_sharpe
Extremely funny and heartfelt, this movie has amazing performances by the young actors. This movie is a real classic and should gain a much wider audience....


By glycerinefire
I went into this film hoping it would be something along the lines of "Millions", another great British film about young kids. I wasn't disappointed. "Son of Rambow" was completely charming. The...

Too Cute!

By katieflygirl
This movie was funny, sad, and heartwarming while well acted by very young actors. It is a sweet tale of childhood, friendship, and imagination....

Son of Rambow

By wildcat_abe
I dug this movie. Yes it was mostly predictable and cliche but it was a very sweet, very funny movie which my brother and I both enjoyed very much. It was a well spent amount of money and time at...

Son of Rambow

By swaustx002
I have been waiting for this movie & caught it on the first weekend it was released in my city --- I was NOT disappointed --- wonderfully humorous with poignant moments --- two fresh kid actors were...

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Rated PG-13 | For some violence and reckless behavior
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Common Sense Media says Rambunctious UK boys remake First Blood.
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