• Released
  • February 28, 2014
  • (Presented in English - unless noted otherwise)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 18 min
  • Drama

Son of GOD

By seeking_God
Written March 03, 2014
This was an awesome movie! It was all about Jesus. It really brings several of the stories in the Bible to life. It made me have a more clear picture of several situations. The actors were obviously selected carefully. Like Roma Downey said.. Jesus deserves the big screen! Please go support this.
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Son of (ho-hum) God

By jeremygregg
Written March 01, 2014
Disappointing for a lifelong Christian who was hoping for a more emotional, deeper look at Christ. Not enough focus on Christ's humanity or His deity. It reminded me of a movie made entirely from stories told in a 1st grade Sunday School classroom. Plot line problems: The tearing of the temple veil was almost an afterthought, even though is one of the MOST significant elements of the crucifixion story. They also held to the long-accepted but historically false nativity scene, in which the Magi arrive immediately after His birth (in reality it was 2-3 years later). Technically speaking, the CGI scenery of the city and the temple look fake - it reminded me of the painted far-off desert scenes in old spaghetti westerns. I realize this was a cable-TV mini-series that was made into a movie - but I still think they could have done a better job. For someone who wants to see the stories of Jesus, this is a good film. For the devout, it is lacking.
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Son of God (Hijo De Dios)

By BrooksC549
Written March 01, 2014
A well adapted screenplay. It's a huge challenge trying to condense the Life of Christ into a mere 2hrs. and 18min. While this dictates the allowance for "some wiggle room in the details", the producers have been very true both "the story" & the important spiritual lessons from Jesus's life.
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Son of God was amazing!

By carlosmor7
Written March 01, 2014
The movie was simple enough for anyone to understand. Although it parts of it where not as described in the bible, it is still the great message of the gospel. A family mist see.
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By suemarie
Written March 01, 2014
Take the family. Not as extreme in gore as" The Passion" was but still heartbreaking and inspiring. The lead plays a very charismatic Jesus, as he should. The special effects were OK, but the acting and music were really good.
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