• Released
  • February 28, 2014
  • (Presented in English - unless noted otherwise)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 18 min
  • Drama

Son of God

By cynthiacfc
Written February 06, 2015
Very well done. True to the true story written in the Bible. A great insight into the character and person hood of Jesus. One must understand that He was God and man at the same time. This is difficult to wrap my mind around. I must take in by faith because God said it was so. This movie was well worth the money and the time!
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Lots of Little Errors

By worthingtonrichard
Written March 04, 2014
If you want a new movie about Jesus, please see it. But if you want a good movie about Jesus, just off your old copy of the Passion of the Christ. Hard to use this movie a good teaching movie - for yourself or your children. Too many errors. Among them: Jesus states he will change the world. Not so much in reality - He came to save the world, not merely change it. A character "Mary" accompanies the apostles, as one of them. Historically - this is simply inaccurate. The women (not just one) played a distinct role in Jesus' life and ministry, not just being one of the guys. The life of Christ is one of the greatest stories ever told. This movie tells it, but not well.
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By mcdowells5
Written March 01, 2014
JMJ We went to see Son of God the first night it was in theaters. The theater was about half full. From the first scenes of the birth of Christ, the movie was completely historically inaccurate. For instance, the wise men were not at the birth of Jesus but took weeks to follow the star and arrive in Bethlehem. Further into the movie and when Jesus was beginning His public ministry and choosing Apostles, (which are referred to as disciples in this movie), he calls Simon "Peter" right from the get go which is historically inaccurate. The cheesy line, "He's back" inexpressively spoken by Peter at the time of Peter's discovery of the resurrection was given better justice in Poltergeist in 1982. The computer generated temple buildings and city of Jerusalem looked very unreal. The acting was bad except for the actress who played one of the Marys. The Marys were confused and misrepresented as well. I do not recommend this movie lest you be scandalized. AMDG
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Son of God -

By merryinside
Written March 02, 2014
The movie was well done. A lot of detail to the sets and presenting the period of the times. Great cinematography. I thought overall it followed the story of Jesus well. There were some minor variations to the little details provided in the scriptures that are pretty insignificant. I did feel it could have really showing the magnitude of all that he did here while he walked this earth with a little more depth and could have shown stringers of how he changed lives and pushed the envelope more on the how he challenged the world to think differently and see differently. After all he was the greatest change maker ever. I think as long as the story is true we should continue to support any avenue that will help to spread the word of God.
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By cohendebbie
Written February 06, 2015
I felt the Holy Spirit's presence from the moment the movie started. This is a beautiful and amazing depiction of Jesus, and brought me to tears as I watched God's amazing display of love for us.
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