• Released
  • February 28, 2014
  • (Presented in English - unless noted otherwise)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 18 min
  • Drama

Great Movie ...

By mylocker
Written February 16, 2015
If you are a believer this is a great movie! I was really moved particularly the scenes where Jesus interacts with Peter... not sure how an unbeliever would receive this movie. I say you have to go! Easier to watch than the Passion but still take a hanky. I heard lots of sniffling and everyone clapped at the end....
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Son of God

By lbwl2
Written January 19, 2015
This is an excellent, MUST SEE movie. The casting is superb as is the acting. While a few very minor liberties were taken, it holds true to the Bible as a whole.
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Son Of God!!!!

By bruceyfan75
Written February 06, 2015
I liked this movie very much. The acting was superb!! The characters were spot on how you think they were in the Bible. Parts of the persecution, I closed my eyes because I remember the "Passion" and how it affected me. I did shed some tears however. The movie will restore one's faith if you're doubting it. Go see it!! I won't forget this movie!!
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Worth seeing-but lacked emotion

By flick_dawg
Written March 14, 2015
This movie didn't deliver the excitement and emotion like Passion of the Christ did years ago. I was excited to see another bible based movie coming to the big screen but it left me feeling like it should've been a mad- for-TV movie instead. The first half of this movie seemed disjointed and skipped from story to story like people do when they sit and talk randomly about their favorite stories out of the bible - not much continuity until that last 40 minutes or so. Disappointed that they cut the scenes of the devil out before it hit the big screen but people's fear of controversy seems to be a powerful influence in politics - in this case we refer to Roma Downey's withdrawal of the devil scenes. Not disappointed that I paid to see this but it's not one that left me wanting to pay to see it again. I would much rather pay again to see the 70's rock opera movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar instead.
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All I can say is WOW!

By emmieW16
Written February 06, 2015
This movie was amazing. It brought me to tears. I definitely recommend that you go see it. If you're going through a hard time, the message that comes across is a really great reminder. My favorite part about the movie was the details. The director really put his heart into the movie as he portrayed Jesus' emotions. It really stood out and spoke to the crowd. Terrific movie for the whole family!
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