• Released
  • February 28, 2014
  • (Presented in English - unless noted otherwise)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 18 min
  • Drama

Son of God

By myersm007
Written March 05, 2014
I have seen many movies that have told the story of Jesus, from birth until his death and resurrection. This movie, however, was the BEST one I have ever seen! And, at the end, I did cry, from sadness of the brutality that Jesus suffered for me. And, for the JOY of knowing that there is a Heaven and I WILL see Jesus there. Also, my husband, 49 years old, on February 3rd, died from a massive heart attack. He had no previous heart issues and his family did not have heart issues. This film also re-affirmed for me that Tony was in a far, far, better place!
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A++++ rating

By Purple_feather
Written March 09, 2014
An extremely powerful movie from the Chirstian perspective - a powerful potrayal of the extent of suffering Jesus experienced and all for the redemption of our souls. Confronting our own inadequacies with the reality that another human being would suffer for them so that we may be saved was evocative of our unworthiness of those of us who are the recipients of this sacrifice. I wept, as did everyone sitting around me in the theater. Diogo Margado portrayed Jesus as I know Him in my mind's eye - gentle, just, loving - especially when he was with children- patient , all the human qualities He asks of us. Children made him smile. The supporting cast was superb - it made me wonder what these actors took away with them at the end of their day. The could not have remained detached after giving such emotional performances. I love Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and credit them for finding the writers that brought what they needed to from the Bible to the screen. A+++++ movie.
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Son Of God Remake

By kevlarr
Written March 02, 2014
If you never got to watch the national geographics series its a must see you'll love it, but if you did then its the same thing just better quality and made into a movie, God Bless Us all.
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Regret spending the money

By Contralto1959
Written March 03, 2014
How could I possibly say any movie about the life of Jesus is bad? It is sad, but true. I just felt like this movie didn't move me at all. Wasn't impressed with it, and truly regret the money it cost us to go to the theater.
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Son of God

By DeborahLynn57
Written March 02, 2014
This was a great movie and I think everyone should see it. This movie wasn't as moving as Passion of the Christ, but still had some impact.
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