Great love story!

By flawlessrich
Written May 06, 2011
I am not a love story fan but this movie just grabbed my attention by accident, I had brought the wrong t ickets and figured I was already in the theater just stay and watch it. I regret not buying the tickets on purpose. The movie had everything great and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next it didn't. I love this movie and you must go see it!
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Love the Book Love The Movie

By pumkinseed100
Written May 07, 2011
As a huge Emily Giffin fan I was naturally excited to see Something Borrowed. As with most movies based on books certain adjustments have to be made to fit everything into the limited time window. I was thrilled to see that none of these adustments hurt the original plot. I was thrilled with the movie and thought all of the actors were matched perfectly with their characters. I dragged my boyfriend to see it opening night and afterward he even said he enjoyed it. Not a typical chick-flick but I have no doubt that audience would still enjoy it.
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My daughter and I LOVED this movie!

By 2cute2shoot
Written May 03, 2011
It was such a cute, funny and touching film. The chemisty between all the charactors worked. I would say it is a chick flick but the men in the audiance were laughing just as hard as the women. It kept me entertained through the whole film and I left with a smile on my face =)
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Something Borrowed

By nabraham
Written May 08, 2011
Had a good time and the movie is worth the while.
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Not My Thing- Maybe Yours- but My Review

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
Stupid. Uninteresting people. Formulac. The worst of the rich kiddy romance genre that this time go to the Hamptons. Loaned to me my big mistake. Summary: Gaze... Gaze.. Secret! oh no ! "What Will We Ever Do?" Kate Hudson has such possibility to waste on this crap. I am sure the others do also but before they go down in obscurity they better figure out what kind of stuff they want to turn in.
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