A woman looking for love finds sex complicating her problems in this independent drama. Samantha (Stephanie Bennett) has been involved with her live-in boyfriend Anthony (Jeramy Guillory) for seven years, but she's been unable to break herself of her habit of getting drunk and throwing herself at other men in social situations. Anthony has grown tired of Samantha's behavior, and after an especially embarrassing incident at a party, he reads her the riot act and she moves out on her own. After spending the night with her new neighbor, Samantha decides she's made a mistake and tries to patch things up with Anthony, only to discover that he's already found a new girlfriend. While Samantha tries to ease herself back into Anthony's good graces (often stopping by his home on the pretense of visiting their dog), she throws herself into a number of short-term affairs with men she barely knows, usually after having too much to drink. But while most of these pairings don't last for more than a day or two, after Samantha spends the night with Tony (Tom Vitorino), she finds to her consternation that he's not so willing to let her go. Some Body was written by director Henry Barrial and actress Stephanie Bennett, based on material improvised by Bennett as part of an acting class; much of the incidental dialogue and a number of the secondary scenes were also improvised by the cast, and the 80-minute feature was assembled from 100 hours of footage of material shot on digital video. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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