Solitary Man

By lkittredge
Written July 05, 2010
It is difficult to like this movie because of its unlikable characters. As a female viewer, I found myself wishing that Ben would die in a way that would evoke no sympathy from anyone. Just get it over with.The film will remind some viewers of Mfr. Douglas' role in Fatal Attraction where he again, played a weak man who put his family and friends through hell. A terrific supporting cast behind Mr.Douglas' solid performance makes the film worth watching. Kudos to the director who did a marvelous job in giving Ben an option for salvation without taking the high road, or giving the character an easy way out. Definitely, an adult film that will appeal to audiences who can identify with making poor choices and their inevitable consequences.
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Solitary Man: A Good Character Study

By sjr
Written July 06, 2010
I went to see this movie becuase it appeared to have more substance than all the shoot 'em, up, blow 'em, special-effects-driven stuff that Hollywood seems to be thriving on these days. And I have to say it didn't disappoint. This is a film that thinking adults will enjoy. Ben Kelman, the character played by Michael Douglas, is a truly screwed up individual. He's not someone you symphathize with, but he's interesting nonetheless. It's also interesting watching the impact his continual screwups have on the people around him, many of whom actually care about him and wish he would get it together. If you know someone who has the potential to do great things in life--but simply can seem to capitlize on that potential for whatever reason--this movie will resonate with you. If you long for a movie with a real story and real characters, you will enjoy it as well.
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A classic movie with A+ Actors!

By lizbizs
Written June 10, 2010
This was a great movie! The depth of the characters was beautifully shown by these A-list actors. Michael Douglas in particular has never played a better role. It's a great date-night movie and is a great discussion piece as well.
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'If it works keep it'

By ottoheckle
Written August 24, 2010
What makes this movie so real and so sad is that there really are Sam Kalmans in the world.Unfortunately not until their life starts to unravel do they realize they've been not only conning others but themselves as well.What makes this movie good is that Michael Douglas succeeds in making a man who is a liar , cheat and swindler into a likable guy.You feel for Sam and hope he can find a way to be happy in life . Maybe he has to learn that "if it works keep it'.
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solitary man

By rubberman
Written May 31, 2010
no one can cheat death. In this well done character study, even michael douglas cannot pull off the stunt-or can he? enjoyed the ambiguity at the end. But please, have danny devito work his accent to reflect his alledged locale, not his Philly upbringing. just a minor distraction though. devito's lines, especially about how he stays faithful to his wife of 34 years should ring true with happily married middle aged men. unfortunately they don't. all in all well done, sardonic, and ,yes, painful at times. But 4 1/2 *.
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