Solitary Man Synopsis
A disgraced car dealer accompanies his girlfriend's daughter on a trip to his alma mater.
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Solitary Man: A Good Character Study

By sjr
I went to see this movie becuase it appeared to have more substance than all the shoot 'em, up, blow 'em, special-effects-driven stuff that Hollywood seems to be thriving on these days. And I have to...

A classic movie with A+ Actors!

By lizbizs
This was a great movie! The depth of the characters was beautifully shown by these A-list actors. Michael Douglas in particular has never played a better role. It's a great date-night movie and is...

'If it works keep it'

By ottoheckle
What makes this movie so real and so sad is that there really are Sam Kalmans in the world.Unfortunately not until their life starts to unravel do they realize they've been not only conning others...

Solitary Man

By lkittredge
It is difficult to like this movie because of its unlikable characters. As a female viewer, I found myself wishing that Ben would die in a way that would evoke no sympathy from anyone. Just get it...

solitary man

By rubberman
no one can cheat death. In this well done character study, even michael douglas cannot pull off the stunt-or can he? enjoyed the ambiguity at the end. But please, have danny devito work his accent to...

Pefect vehicle for michael douglas

By birac
Not a fun movie.We are true Douglas fans and went only for this reason.Definitely went beyond expectations.If you don't need to be uplifted by your moviegoing experience,check it out. otherwise,you...

ok but unwatchable

By changemonger
if you're into squirming through 90 minutes this is the movie to see. Michael Douglas turns in a very good performance, which when combined with his face lift, really makes you wince. but if you...

In Solitary Man, Michael Douglas is solid

Classic Michael Douglas personna, great story, and good performances by all....

Solitary Man

By lorijohnnie
Worst movie I have seen in twenty years. No redeeming features whatsoever....

Pefect For This Role!

By Msfinance
Loved it - Michael Douglas was perfect for this role. Captured the true nature of a mid-life crisis. Although he was a louse in his business dealings and extremely self centered and unlovable,...

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Rated R | For language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Gripping drama about getting older has drinking, sex.
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