Sofía Vergara
Date of Birth
Jul 10, 1972
Birth Place:
Barranquilla, Colombia

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Reese Witherspoon Don't Mess With Texas
2015 Reese Witherspoon Hot Pursuit
2014 Robert Downey, Jr. Chef
2014 Jon Favreau Chef
2014 John Leguizamo Chef
2014 Oliver Platt Chef
2014 Scarlett Johansson Chef
2014 Dustin Hoffman Chef
2014 Anne Heche Wild Card
2014 Hope Davis Wild Card
2014 Stanley Tucci Wild Card
2014 Jason Alexander Wild Card
2013 Ricky Gervais Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Sarah Jessica Parker Escape From Planet Earth
2013 William Shatner Escape From Planet Earth
2013 James Gandolfini Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Jane Lynch Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Brendan Fraser Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Woody Allen Fading Gigolo
2013 Liev Schreiber Fading Gigolo
2013 John Turturro Fading Gigolo
2013 Bob Balaban Fading Gigolo
2013 Aida Turturro Fading Gigolo
2013 Sharon Stone Fading Gigolo
2013 David Margulies Fading Gigolo
2013 Mel Gibson Machete Kills
2013 Antonio Banderas Machete Kills
2013 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Machete Kills
2013 Tom Savini Machete Kills
2013 Ed O'Neill Modern Family: Season 05
2012 Ed O'Neill Modern Family: Season 04
2012 Jane Lynch The Three Stooges
2012 Stephen Collins The Three Stooges
2012 Jennifer Hudson The Three Stooges
2012 Larry David The Three Stooges
2012 Brian Doyle-Murray The Three Stooges
2011 Robin Williams Happy Feet Two
2011 Matt Damon Happy Feet Two
2011 Hank Azaria Happy Feet Two
2011 Elijah Wood Happy Feet Two
2011 Brad Pitt Happy Feet Two
2011 Anthony LaPaglia Happy Feet Two
2011 Hugo Weaving Happy Feet Two
2011 Sarah Jessica Parker New Year's Eve
2011 Michelle Pfeiffer New Year's Eve
2011 Jim Belushi New Year's Eve
2011 Hilary Swank New Year's Eve
2011 Halle Berry New Year's Eve
2011 Carla Gugino New Year's Eve
2011 Cherry Jones New Year's Eve
2011 Hector Elizondo New Year's Eve
2011 Robert De Niro New Year's Eve
2011 Cary Elwes New Year's Eve
2011 Paul Reubens The Smurfs
2011 Jonathan Winters The Smurfs
2011 Hank Azaria The Smurfs
2011 Alan Cumming The Smurfs
2009 Ed O'Neill Modern Family [TV Series]
2009 Ed O'Neill Modern Family: Season 01
2009 Viola Davis Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail
2008 Irma P. Hall Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
2008 Angela Bassett Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
2006 Michael Rapaport Grilled
2006 Burt Reynolds Grilled
2006 Ray Romano Grilled
2006 Jon Polito Grilled
2006 Juliette Lewis Grilled
2006 Caroline Aaron Grilled
2006 Donal Logue The Knights of Prosperity [TV Series]
2005 Lumi Cavazos 7 Days
2005 Josh Charles Four Brothers
2005 Terrence Howard Four Brothers
2005 Mark Wahlberg Four Brothers
2005 Rebecca De Mornay Lords of Dogtown
2005 Heath Ledger Lords of Dogtown
2005 Charles Napier Lords of Dogtown
2004 Snoop Dogg Soul Plane
2004 Tom Arnold Soul Plane
2003 Paul Rodriguez Chasing Papi
2003 Maria Conchita Alonso Chasing Papi
2003 Roselyn Sanchez Chasing Papi
2002 Omar Epps Big Trouble
2002 Janeane Garofalo Big Trouble
2002 Jason Lee Big Trouble
2002 Dennis Farina Big Trouble
2002 Tom Sizemore Big Trouble
2002 Rene Russo Big Trouble
2002 Tim Allen Big Trouble
2002 Stanley Tucci Big Trouble
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