Dark and satisfying...

By prazejc
Written June 01, 2012
Darker than I would have given it credit for based on the trailers and story, but that's not a bad thing. There are a few things I would have done differently, and several VFX scenes that seemed to end before their time, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it as a matinee or weekend outing.
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Don't bother

By hannahmrandmrs
Written June 04, 2012
Was excited to see the movie, but half way through, I was bored. The movie was way too long for what it was, and Kristen Stewart...jeez, really? The same vacant look with a slack jaw showing her two rabbit teeth for two hours is a bit much to take. I never saw Twilight (bleh) but surely another actor could have done a livelier job of it. There was a LOT that was unexplained and we were left just wondering why something was there. The rousing speech that Stewart gave to rally the people was like watching a bad acting exercise. It was truly pathetic and wouldn't have roused someone to walk across the street, much less mount a horse and go to battle. A number of folks left during the showing we saw. If I hadn't been with someone else, I would have left also. P.S. Charlize Theron rocked the house!
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Cartoon is Better

By Reel Reviewer
Written June 04, 2012
Where to start...I think that the director watched a few epics, made a checklist of "must have" scenes and went out and filmed them. Unfortunately there was no substance, or glue, to create any kind of flow from scene to scene. For a plot that, theoretically, has to thrive on character development, it was almost non-existent. You're on the next scene and the character has changed, or their relationship with another has changed, and you feel like you must have dozed off for a moment, but you didn't. Kristen Stewart was a poor cast and was not an inspiring princess that made anyone, aside from a blind, miniature Bob Hoskins, believe she could overthrow a powerful witch. Charlize was great, as usual, but only used sparingly. Chris Hemsworth seemed to know this movie would make money but not actually deliver because he only showed up and produced a quality product about half the time. Definitely not worth a trip to the theaters and another reason to be weary of live-action Disney films.
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Amazing Snow White Movie !

By mitch8926
Written June 07, 2012
It's an epic story of a woman who will sacrifice everything for the sake of her people. It's unique story and makes us all realize that not only man can lead a battle field... woman can too. My daughter and I enjoys the film so much coz its has a heart and a humor that makes everyone laugh inside the theater. There was never a dull moment in the cinema. The director did a excellent job on the cinematic views of the movie... the setting is amazing specially the forest, gosh its to die for... its like you wanna visit England for its beauty. Kristen did an amazing job on bringing her character to life. She's perfect for the role. Congratulation to all the cast coz they surely did a brilliantly way of retelling Snow White in a whole new level.
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Pretty Good!

By avid_movie_goer773
Written June 02, 2012
Ok, we all know the plot of Snow White, but I must say I did like the way they gave it a "modern" touch to the tale. It still had its underlying sort-of-love story and Kristen Stewart, I feel, did still play Snow White exactly as she played Bella in "Twilight", but it was still worth the show. Couple of the things you see on the previews of the movie on tv are not in the movie itself. I would recommend you to go see it. It's a darker version of Snow White, and Charlize Theron doesn't have THAT many lines but she plays the heck outta the evil queen's character... and the Huntsman...*drool* enough said!! lol Thumbs up!
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