Looks Good but acting bad.

By DaraBeth2004
Written June 02, 2012
After the movie I was left wondering what I'd just lost two hours of my life over. The movie itself looked beautiful and the part of the movie that left the most impact (positively) was where you get all the fairytale-esque elements displayed. I personally felt the writing for the movie itself was lacking and a lot of promising, dark aspects were incredibly glossed over or bypassed all together. But what really killed the film in my opinion was the acting. The acting from almost all the actors was (in my opinion) pretty bland. And I found myself really disliking Snow White simply because Stewart did such a poor job with her. I want to say I liked how Hemsworth did too, but honestly, not really. Unless you're going to support the artists who worked on the film (and did a pretty good job on a lot of the visual effects, compositing and models, etc) - save your money and rent this if you're curious about it.
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Let Down

By Rowanhood
Written June 02, 2012
I went to see it opening day. The movie looked so very promising in the trailers. Charlize Theron was very strong, played her character very well, and her costumes were amazing. The effects were good, but I wish there had been more to the scenes.... I really wish I hadn't seen the best parts in the commercials and trailers. The rest of the characters were generally all very two dimensional. I was never very emotionally invested in any of them. Kristen Stewart did her awkward faces we've become so familiar with, and dramatic breathing was the majority of her lines. I don't know why I expected more, as that's what she did mostly in those vampire movies. But I did. Overall it was really long, and just... ok.
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By Phil a Buster
Written June 02, 2012
Was anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. Awesome graphics half the time but no story. Every time someone talked it left me wanting more. The whole audience is just left to vegetate while being bored to death with a dry script that climaxes early and downfalls for the other 2 hours. The ending fight seen was a joke, it never grabs your attention instead you just feel even more miserable for not waiting to see this movie at a redbox.
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excellent movie, exciting, bad leading lady

By nng
Written June 05, 2012
I thought this was a very cool exciting movie..full of suspense, action, drama, decent story/plot to the snow white plot, and it was well done. The only problem I had was with kristen stewart being miscast as snow white- and her horrible acting, eye fluttering, heavy breathing, and lip crunching mouth gaping showing her ugly buckteeth facial expressions being pawned off as 'acting.' she has to be the worst actress on the planet and im not sure why she is being thrown in various films, or why she's even in any hollywood movies. She is a very bad actress and everything from her lacking of being able to show emotions, low voice, lack of expression and stoic lame facial expressions basically ruined the movie. Charlize theron however did a very good job with her role and played an excellent evil queen. Other than that, this was a pretty good movie, and very entertaining and interesting, dramatic, and one that shouldn't be missed. Just please stop putting losers who can't act in hollywood.
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Slow weak story

By cookjos1
Written June 03, 2012
I took my 12 and 15 year old daughters,and none of us liked this movie. While the images and costumes were beautiful, the story was really weak. There were too many scenes that really added nothing to the story, which made the movie really drag. Even the plot seemed to just be a bunch of ideas thrown together with no coherence. For example Snow white's supposed magic making everyone feel better, but when someone was actually hurt, she couldn't heal them. The kiss to wake her was not from her true love. Instead it was creepy and based on the love of someone's dead wife that she reminded him of. It could have been better, but they picked a snow white that was just a pretty face, rather than someone that could actually act. And there were way to many extended close-ups of her breathing and saying nothing.
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