A new take on an old tale

By nclsta01
Written June 28, 2012
I was recomended this film by a friend from work, who is knowledgeable in film as me, thought I mite like this for its cinematography,special effects,and story telling.I personally went to the costume for the film because the designer was a graduate from my college,but I wanted to see the film for the same reasons my friend told me to see it.I have different opinions about the film though.I felt the film was a bit rushed.For some of the main characters,I didn't feel enough time was made for an emotional conection for us to care if the character lives or dies.And in essense,I felt more interested in the story of the evil queen played by Charlize Theron, then the story of Kristen Stewert, which is suppose to be the main story.But in regards to everything that I have said, it is indeed something to watch.What the Brothers Grim did not do for its volumes of fairy tales is the full back story, and I think this film gives the origins of Snow White in a stunning visual way then ever before.
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Same Ol', Same Ol'

By mt493
Written June 16, 2012
The idea had potential but, and maybe it's my age, I found the story boring. There were several fight scenes that, while interesting in their special effects, were just the same ol' fight scene and seemed to be there just to fill space. All in all, the movie fell short of having true nuance in filming--it's a hollywood "cookie-cutter' with a few interesting effects. I might recommend to a younger audience.
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Kristen Stewart CANNOT ACT!

By lang77
Written June 06, 2012
The movie was very pretty, and was a beautiful interpretation of the Snow White story and lots of parts finally made sense to someone who only saw the Disney version of the story. Unfortunatlely Kristen Stewart's lack of any acting talent brought down the quality of the film so much that I want my money back. There were several parts where there was supposed to be a follow-up line of some sort, but she stood there with a gaping mouth flapping about like a fish out of water. My guess is that she had a line and she did it so horribly that the producers told her to just not talk and stand there like a fish until the scene moved along. Ridiculous. Yes, she is a hot ticket item because of the craptastic Twilight series that utilitizes her ability to not act, but Charleze Theron stole the show and deserved the highest pay and credits. See it for Charleze, but DO NOT PAY FOR THIS MOVIE IN THE THEATER! STEWART CANNOT EMOTE HUMAN EMOTIONS PROPERLY OUTSIDE EMO AND IT SHOWS!!!
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Snow White, Done Correctly (FINALLY)

By WatchItandReviewIt
Written June 02, 2012
This is how Snow White should have been done years ago, but unfortunately it hasn't happened up until this point. I was actually excited for this movie, especially since I wanted to see how well it would do. In my eyes, I was only a bit disappointed with it, which is perfectly normal when you set high standards for something you're excited about. I was surprised how well Kristen Stewart's performance was, whereas Charlize Theron's performance was a bit over the top. Chris Hemsworth did a great job as the Huntsman. I think the reason I was a little disappointed was because the beginning half was very slow compared to the last half. If you sit and watch the entire movie though, I don't think you'll be bored with it at all. Oh, and the credits were beautiful!!!
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Little dialogue

By kmatonick
Written June 02, 2012
There was very little dialogue between 'Snow White' and any of her companions, while the others had considerably more lines in the film. The bulk of her dialogue came when she addressed the people in order to rally them to attack the castle. We all know Kristen Stewart has the ability to give good 'looks', 'stares', and make great 'faces', but this movie was an ultimate 'fail' insofar as it did not allow you to see if her abilities have progressed beyond the stuttering girl in the Twilight films.
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