Kathryn Stewart ruined it.

By acewinston
Written June 04, 2012
Kathryn Stewart ruined it. The blond chick who played ravena did very well. Not a great movie all in all but it was nominally good. Who is the fairest maiden in hollywood? It sure as hell ain't Stewart. Could of picked a much more suitable lead!!
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Great until the End

By jonesirene
Written June 03, 2012
I loved the acting (Yes, Kristen Stewart did a good job) special effects, and the way they incorporated a lot of the original fairy tale. I hated how it ended. It was less then satisfying.
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Very Interesting Movie

By Ms. Nicolette
Written June 01, 2012
This movies graphics were extraordinary, although the newest vampires acting needed just a little more.....I don't know, acting classes. I love her but it seemed like she needed to change her acting style, because she seemed the same as her first movie role. On the other hand the movie was excellent, the fairy's, the troll...all of the encoutremont was wonderful, if you like action and spirit go see this movie.
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Go See It

By livinnuts
Written June 05, 2012
The scenery was amazing, the costumes were beautiful the special effects were pretty cool. The story line kept my interest - I wasn't bored. There were twists and turns with snow white fairy tale bits and pieces. There was humor, romance and evilness. Theron did a great job and was beautiful as ever. Hemsworth was "easy on the eyes" to watch (just wish he'd taken his shirt off LOL). Clafin did a good job too and the dwarfs were adorable, but Stewart...hmmm, I think she fell flat as Snow White. There was something that didn't quite live up to my expectations. She just seemed "monotone" through the whole movie. Angry, Happy, Sad...it all looked the same to me. If you've read my other reviews, you know I base them on how well it plays to my emotions and this one... well... I didn't really "feel" anything. I think someone else should have been casted for Snow White, but whom...? With all this being said, go see the movie - it's entertaining and a good movie to see.
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Dark and satisfying...

By prazejc
Written June 01, 2012
Darker than I would have given it credit for based on the trailers and story, but that's not a bad thing. There are a few things I would have done differently, and several VFX scenes that seemed to end before their time, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it as a matinee or weekend outing.
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