Snow White and the Huntsman Synopsis
An evil queen dispatches a huntsman to kill Snow White.
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By StangManDans
Not sure why some folks are panning this, we all went today at lunch and simply loved it. It has a great balance of realistically layered with obvious fantasy. It is simply STUNNING to look at and...

I wish they'd picked a different Snow White, but it was good..

By Feedthecrazycat
This was a great movie. The cinematography was beautiful, and the battle scenes were awesome. The cast did a great job, especially Charlize Theron as Ravena. I only have one complaint, Kristen...


By jerry_dalo9
I'll admit--I was really excited for this movie. The trailer looked great, the story sounded cool and I was ready to give Kristen Stewart a pass, but man did SWATH disappoint. It's seriously terrible....

Beautifully Shot, but the Direction was a Bit Off

By Mashlyachnya
Snow White and the Huntsman was stunningly filmed. The story/script was good, acting decent and direction was off. Yet very enjoyable and almost a must go just for the scenery, costumes and...

Wait for DVD

By nellak
Have to say I was very excited to see it, have been for months even got to the theatre early for the midnight showing. The visuals are great...but the storyline is not well thought out. There is no...

Looks Good but acting bad.

By DaraBeth2004
After the movie I was left wondering what I'd just lost two hours of my life over. The movie itself looked beautiful and the part of the movie that left the most impact (positively) was where you get...

Let Down

By Rowanhood
I went to see it opening day. The movie looked so very promising in the trailers. Charlize Theron was very strong, played her character very well, and her costumes were amazing. The effects were...


By Phil a Buster
Was anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. Awesome graphics half the time but no story. Every time someone talked it left me wanting more. The whole audience is just left to vegetate while...

excellent movie, exciting, bad leading lady

By nng
I thought this was a very cool exciting movie..full of suspense, action, drama, decent story/plot to the snow white plot, and it was well done. The only problem I had was with kristen stewart being...

Slow weak story

By cookjos1
I took my 12 and 15 year old daughters,and none of us liked this movie. While the images and costumes were beautiful, the story was really weak. There were too many scenes that really added nothing...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Sequences of Action, Brief Sensuality and Intense Sequences of Violence
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Common Sense Media says Violent fairy tale isn't for kids but will attract teens.
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