Snowpiercer Synopsis
During Earth's second ice age, less-fortunate passengers aboard a supertrain plan a revolt.
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New Era

By shanerodriguez06
This is one of my favorite films of 2014. A must see mind blowing adventure....

Hidden Gem

By karmstrong0402
In a summer filled to the brim with sequels (yawn), it's refreshing to see a somewhat original story make it to theaters. Although it starts off where you feel like you missed something already, you...


By Bluebell123
This film has received ratings between 88% and 100% from top critics and very high praise from fans. Why is it stuck in art houses? I saw coming attractions, and it most definitely requires a big...

Must See Movie of the Summer!

By Megn727
I probably wouldn't have wanted to see this movie if it hadn't been for a the controversy surrounding it's North American release, but regardless of my reasons for wanting to go see it, I am so glad...

Great movie, should have been a summer blockbuster

By carlosproctor
What a great movie! The acting was done SO well! They made us laugh, gasp and shout cheers several times throughout. Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer were A+ in this film. It had so...

Don't believe the terrific reviews

By dnew9999
C'mon, really? The acting pretty much sucks. The script is eh. The pace feels slow, even with all the blood bad killing. The plot is somewhat intriguing, but the overall movie is more like a bad...

Sci Fi wackiness

By wreckhog
You need to be a certain sort of fan to love this. It is a brutal, bloody ride. Willie Wonka on meth with hatchets....

Amazing and Innovative.

By yankeenatman
This is an incredible idea for a fllm. Excellent directing, and a good film. Its a movie within a movie in each railcar. I recommend this film and not for the timid. It shows what mans doing creates...


By rubend195
Amazing from start to finish,front to back, a drama heavy with action, action done right by the way. Deserves to be seen by everyone, spread the word...

A Poorly Marketed Stunningly Original Science Fiction Movie.

By phaecops
When I heard the title I didn't want to go see it. When I saw the poster I didn't want to go see it. It was only after I got the the fan review buzz that I decided I was missing something so I drove...

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Rated R | For Language, Drug Content and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Brutal post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller has big themes.
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