Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

By Anner777
Written August 10, 2011
If you liked the book...even just a little... DON'T go see this movie!! I knew there was no way to capture the entire book, but this screenplay took a right turn off a mountain and took out everything on its way down! Five minutes into the movie, I checked to see if I was in the right theater?! I saw hints of the book here and there, but they did not capture one iota of the beautiful story I thought I might see. What a disappointment. You can imagine how cheated I felt after driving an hour to see this movie. Stay home and rent "Scent of Green Papaya" or "Hang the Red Lantern".
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better than i thought

By sobeoz
Written August 14, 2011
I had read the book years ago although the story and set was more modern I thoroughly enjoyed it and its always good to see Hugh Jackman in any film the actress were stunning but could not act in English In fact sometimes the acting was just so robotic delivering a poor script from a stunning book great looking soft story of true friendship this will not win an award but was a sweet movie
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Fell asleep-long boring poem.

By LALA5376
Written August 21, 2011
I was excited to see this film, however, I ended up falling asleep and drifting away through out the film. Though many of the elderly in the theatre (70's & up) liked the movie, I heard their comments walking out , I felt the film was a very, very long POEM that was repetitive unemotional. The cinematography was NOT beautiful as was written, rather, it was dull & shot in many close-ups. Shooting a lot of close-ups is a trick of the trade if you do not have a large budget to shoot master shots. I was very disappointed to say the least. I wanted to absorb this story and to be taken away by a specific aspect in early Japanese culture.
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