Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Synopsis
In 19th-century China, two women develop a code with which to communicate in their rigid society.
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By norah1012
Sad movie but very good...

By mlambinicio

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

By carlyh88
Loved the book and the movie though it might have been better if the movie eliminated the modern track of the story and stuck to the original story in the book... enjoyed seeing sexy Hugh Jackman....

Visually Beautiful, Worth Seeing.....

By Al P
I liked this film, although I admit it probably wouldn't appeal to the broader film audience here in the U.S. If only more American films were photographed as professionally as this. The whole...

I want my two hours back

By jodie_e_a
Seeing a film after reading the book is almost always somewhat disappointing. I expected that the movie would not be as good as the book but I didn't expect it to be as awful as it was. This movie...

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan review

By MzQwality
This is one of the most touching films that I have seen in some time. Definitively a must watch!...

Not even CLOSE to as good as the book

By dmaslyn
I loved this book and was sad that the movie just didn't measure up. (For a movie that DID measure up to the book, see "The Help"!). Some of the sets seem super fake. The long drawn out shot of...

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

By lrepstein
Somewhat of a different story than the book, but it was a lovely story. Loved the actors who played Lily and Snow Flower. They were like I pictured them in the book. I'm sorry it couldn't get more...

By runshome

snowflower as good as book

By dbarkson
Never have I liked a movie that veered from a great book until today. Snowflower was / is terrific. The book is great and the movie is relevant. I highly recommend this movie. I almost wish I had...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexuality, violence, disturbing images and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Disappointing literary adaptation has some heavy themes.
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