Snowden Live Synopsis
Fathom Events and Open Road Films bring a one-night event, Snowden Live, to select cinemas nationwide. A live satellite conversation between Oliver Stone and Edward Snowden will immediately follow an advanced screening of the highly anticipated film.

Movie Reviews

Amazing movie, great cast, LIVE part was just okay.

By julianp
Joseph was a convincing Snowden, he was the perfect actor for this movie. Overall I felt the movie was true to the actual events that were played out in the news, the movie however tells the story...

Very relevant movie

By ganpy
Rarely do we get to see a movie that is so relevant to the current times. This is one of those rare movies.....

Since there's no rating for 3 and one-half stars

By How I see it
Worth seeing for its relevance and human interest. Occasionally hard to grasp the details. Well-filmed. However, the live interview was so bad we walked out after 15 minutes. Snowden has been...

Who was Snowden and why is he so important!!

By rohlrogge
The movie as a dramatization of a journey was extremely well done and basically will expand your awareness of who Edward Snowden is, or was, as a person during the most trying parts of his journey. ...


By kenkeene133
One of the best films I have seen in a long time, I am surprised that the GOVERNMENT hasn't tried to suppress the film, It makes you wonder what else our government is hiding. Oliver Stone has...

Good to know

By tbonney41
The movie was good but the interview was not. It was about the actors and how the movie was made. I was looking forward to at least what was going on with Snowden today, talked about how he did it...

Well worth my $20

By rajat12
Well worth getting out of the house on a weeknight and having hot dog, pizza and beer for dinner. :) The movie and the interview made it all worth it. Movie started at 7:30pm sharp, interview ended at...


By robertajoyet
Even for the well informed, this is an illuminating portrait of Snowden the person, who sacrificed everything to confirm our worst fears about what our government was doing to the entire world and to...

Great movie!

By Wh9142016430
Must see!...

Snowed Over

By robjfunk
The interview was tape dealyed on the West Coast. This took the excitement out of it. The interview was more about the movie than insight's into Snowden's mind. The movie itself was slow and not...

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