Snowden Synopsis
The script is based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena.
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Great Portrayal

By ninjafiveo
He did us all a favor. Time for him to be given amnesty and come home....

A Fascinating Looo at the Life of Edward Snowden

By tylertdog
I'm surprised this movie is getting mixed reviews because it is a very insightful look at the life of Edward Snowden and events that lead up to the very so famous interview that was broadcasted in...


By odie813
Well worth waiting for! Saw it opening night and am still thinking about it this morning. Excellent film and the information this film imparts will keep you awake at night. You will keep telling...

By filmgkusf
As close to a perfect movie as I have seen in a very long time. Oliver Stones masterful direction is evident in that the movie is 134 minutes and the screenplay by Kieran Fitzgerald is really good....

Smart and Relevant

By GandhiMLK
I saw the premiere on Wednesday night with fathom events and Edward Snowden and Oliver Stone and cast did a discussion after the movie. The movie is great and the experience was great....

No way

By curtismc
Will not see this. Movie should not have even been made. Snowden is a traitor who deserves what he got. Why is Hollyweird glorifying this person?...

American Integrity

By hollyspeaks5
This is a 'must see' for every American. Ed Snowden is an American hero who truly exhibits what patriotism is about. He has sacrificed a pleasant life for the betterment of the country he loves. Very...

A Must-See Movie

By sdurham66
Excellent movie about the compromising of our civil liberities begun under George Bush and accelerated under Barack Obama. The movie is a real life thriller with amazing cinematography. The acting...

Traitor or Not?

By sjmobley
For me those who say he's a traitor must also feel the same about Hillary. For me this film did not share with me anything new about what I thought the gov does. The performances were great. I've...


By ivybader
Stone directed the film fantastically. Snowden was humanized. Great acting all around. highly recommend....

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Rated R | For Some Sexuality/Nudity and Language
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Common Sense Media says Oliver Stone biopic brings emotion to controversial story.
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