The Perfect Movie

By londonlover
Written December 15, 2006
I saw Snow Cake at the Edinburgh Film Festival this past summer and was stunned. I love Alan Rickman, so that was the main reason I wanted to see it. It was perhaps the best movie I have ever seen. The story line is so beautifully human, and it is depicted in a light and comical manner. I saw ads for its release in Britain, but I have heard nothing about it here in the US. I am SO confused...Sigourney Weaver deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance. Why has it not received any press?! It would be quite impossible to find a person who didn't love this movie. It will change your perception of film and of life.
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A must see

By ABAmommy
Written May 31, 2007
I'll add details later
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Best in years

By beverlydiane515
Written April 25, 2007
Saw this at the Philly film fest. Maybe the best film I have seen in years. It was so good, so moving, so great.
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see it now

By siddharthat
Written April 25, 2007
this a a stunning film on so many levels. I am no promoter but i was waiting for this Friday to drive out to the indie theater an hour away until DirecTV started a new channel that allows you to watch indie movie before they are released in theaters. It was only 7$, cheaper than the ticket and no gas. Check it out Channel 168. It also has many other films yet to be released. GO to the theater if you cant get it at home, this film is AMAZING
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