Snow Angels

By Daydream
Written April 08, 2008
Snow Angels cast is flawless. Sam Rockwell stands out as the “recovering” alcoholic and born again Christian who falls off the wagon after his family falls apart. Michael Angarano and Kate Beckinsale (Serendipity and Underworld) are believable and ideal in their small-town roles. Snow Angels contains two stories that intertwine, one about a shy young boy (Angarano) trying to figure out what life is and the other resembling failed marriage with one that takes a turn for the worse (a lot worse). The movie has many artistic shots blending in photography with each scene showing the movie-goer that beauty can still be found in even the darkest places. Snow Angels is strong in all aspects, but has the potential to be disheartening at times. Many of the audience, including the men were crying at certain points in the movie. Overall impressive movie.
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DGG scores again.

By bobbyfinger
Written April 12, 2008
This was an excellent addition to David Gordon Green's filmography. SNOW ANGELS is a sad, emotional movie that grabs us like few movies have the ability to do.
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By loey
Written April 07, 2008
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Snow Angels

By uhleesuh
Written March 03, 2008
David Gordon Green, yes! This movie, no!
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Snow Angels

By alan999
Written March 02, 2008
A very good and powerful film. Being honest, it's not the sort of film I normally go for but I got a chance to go to the LA premiere and I'm glad I did. The film is basically the story of a tragedy that strikes a recently separated couple interwoven with a sweet look at two teenagers falling in love. Given how the story pans out, it could have been very depressing. However, the light and the shade of the story are cleverly interwoven to leave you with a film that feels "real" but is also funny and touching. Fine performances by all the cast as well.
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