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An adult is often forced to reflect upon tragic events and how they've shaped and influenced his life.
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Snow Angels

By Daydream
Snow Angels cast is flawless. Sam Rockwell stands out as the “recovering” alcoholic and born again Christian who falls off the wagon after his family falls apart. Michael Angarano and Kate Beckinsale...

DGG scores again.

By bobbyfinger
This was an excellent addition to David Gordon Green's filmography. SNOW ANGELS is a sad, emotional movie that grabs us like few movies have the ability to do....


By loey

Snow Angels

By uhleesuh
David Gordon Green, yes! This movie, no!...

Dave Green's Still got it

By seib101
Snow Angeles came off to me as the kind of movie a auteur like David Green would make AFTER he sold out to the system, made his $100mil blockbuster, then came back to the indie scene with this movie...

Snow Angels

By alan999
A very good and powerful film. Being honest, it's not the sort of film I normally go for but I got a chance to go to the LA premiere and I'm glad I did. The film is basically the story of a tragedy...

snow angels

By madmadcow
An excellent well-crafted film. Wonderful, complex, restrained performances. Though ultimately tragic, the movie had a lot of surprising irony and outright humor....

Snow Angels, the acting is superb, but the story is to dysfunctional and sad for me.

By teacherdarling
There were too many things that should not have happened including the death of a child. My favorite part of the whole movie was Olivia Thirlby's part. She added some greatness and normallacy in a...

snow angels

By moviemagic712
POWERFUL. I really enjoyed watching the latest David Gordon Green Picture. It had some truthful, raw, and extremely powerful moments that will haunt you. Sam Rockwell is awesome....


By eunicelee100
Beautiful film. A cinematic portrait of a small-town crisis that wrenches people apart irrevocably, but reunites others, and for some, provides a haunting backdrop for first love. Highly recommend....

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Rated R | For language, some violent content, brief sexuality and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Emotionally intense story of small-town America.
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