so-so snitch

By rlucas73071
Written July 29, 2014
i read a bunch of reviews here before i watched it, they're mostly positive revews, and i deiced to go, and it turned out to be bit boring to me, the rock's acting was ok, the plot was good, just that the movie turned out to be a suspense/thriller than an action/thriller
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Well done, really liked it, but it's a DRAMA!

By MightyDoc
Written January 30, 2015
This movie is a DRAMA, based on real life events, and makes a statement about the "three strikes" laws and their misapplication to teenage first-time offenders caught in the system. The story at root is based on a father's love for his son, and how far he is willing to go, even risking his own life, to try to free his son. But the plot is really about drug-trafficking. While the story grabs you right from the beginning, it moves at a drama's pace, not an action-adventure pace! There is definitely suspense and some action throughout, but more on a gritty, gut-wrenching, painful, and sad level. This movie was totally NOT what I was expecting, but after settling in, I really liked it. I wonder if there is enough of a reality-check message for teens and their families about consequence, before they make naive decisions about who they associate with, holding their "stuff", and even coercion into drug-trafficking.
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A Gripping Action Movie

By brianmed5
Written March 02, 2015
The Rock is back with a vengeance in a story about a small time business man turned hired wheelman for a narcotic crime syndicate. After his son is accused of a foiled plot to smuggle narcotics, Dave Mathews (The Rock) decides to go undercover as a DEA informant and intercept the dark criminal enterprise of illegal drug smuggling. Working as an undercover agent and wheeling contraband across state lines, the Rock finds more than he could bargain for. Snitch is an action packed melodrama full of suspense, an edge of your seat climax, and a star studded performance.
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By asmbengue
Written December 19, 2014
Very likable. It was not just an action movie -some very believable family men in this moive. A nice change to have a little more depth and little less blood & explosions. Good balance.
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Snitch is snappy!

By Earnest_Movie
Written March 03, 2015
From a dads perspective: it was difficult not to get caught up in those thoughts of "what would I do?" Dwayne Johnson plays the dad of a son in drug trafficking trouble with the feds, puts in a solid performance in contrast with fading star Susan Sarandon who portrays, albeit unconvincingly, as a hard nosed U.S. Attorney. One other memorable performance was by Barry Pepper, who played a "deep cover" DEA agent. Benjamin Bratt was in this too, brief as his performance was, it was a creepy performance as a drug cartel boss. All in all a good movie when you have 2 hours to kill.
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