By nani_369
Written February 24, 2013
The beginning was a boring it definitely got better as it when on... Overall it was ok nothing great... Good movie to watch if you have nothing else to watch...
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By jgadson56
Written February 26, 2013
I really liked the movie "Snitch." The main reason I wanted to see it was because I love "The Rock." He is so handsome and sexy. The movie had a good storyline. It really made you think how quickly your life can be turned around by a stupid mistake.
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Great movie.

By blackhawksfan88
Written March 02, 2013
The Rock is the best in this film. You understand the crime system and its deep and worth seeing it. The Rock nails his character well and it's a great movie to see in theatre.
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By rstampler
Written July 26, 2014
Good, good movie! It makes me wonder though what is fact and what is fiction in the movie. I understand it is based on true events. Yikes. It will really tighten your chest to watch this one. Great screenwriting on the part of the Director. Good acting all the way around. The bad guys made me hate em, the good guys had me routing for em and the underdogs had me loving em. I breathed a huge sigh of "thank God" as I was walking out of the theatre.
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Written February 23, 2013
It was an entertaining movie. At times, the movie was slow. I thought Dwayne Jackson has tremendously improved as an actor.
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