Dwayne The Rock Johnson ~ Daddy goes to Work!

By Cassidystar
Written February 24, 2013
I loved this because it was based on true events and had a pretty jarring message. I love Dwayne Johnson in general, but I don't think he's ever gonna be an Oscar winner for his acting. Great role model though, and great to look at!
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A very entertaining movie!

By dmek69
Written March 15, 2013
If you like the "Rock" then you like his style of movies. This movie has a theme much like Grid Iron Gang where it tells a truth based story about similar events that happened to real people. This movie has suspense, action and thrills all along the way and kept me engaged the whole time we watched it. I enjoy the "Rock" movie choices because I believe he chooses them with the intent of delivering necessary lessons if you pay attention. The events portrayed in this movie happen all the time and could easily happen to anyone of us. Well done sir. DC
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left hanging

By brownleaf76
Written February 23, 2013
I absolutely love dwayne johnson and my husband and i were excited to see this movie. the story line was great, however we felt that it left us hanging. we expected a lot more action and it seems as though it skipped out on a lot of stuff. left me feeling as if i wasted my money to see it in the theatre and wish i would have waited for it to come out on video. looking forward to gi joe!
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so-so snitch

By rlucas73071
Written March 04, 2013
i read a bunch of reviews here before i watched it, they're mostly positive revews, and i deiced to go, and it turned out to be bit boring to me, the rock's acting was ok, the plot was good, just that the movie turned out to be a suspense/thriller than an action/thriller
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By OneSmallOpinion
Written June 14, 2013
If it were not for the two main characters I would have rated this movie as DOUBLE slow. Trailer much more interesting then the overall movie.
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