Emotionally Powerfuly Story!

By Aerospace747
Written February 24, 2013
You know I always like these kinds of movies, mostly when there inspired by true events, great role play by all the characters in the movie,....requires lots of patience however, because I was expecting a lot of gun violence and shooting by law enforcement, but this movie was just the right kind of film for people like myself. I really loved this movie, I thought it was going to be rated R, but surprisingly it was rated PG-13. This movie almost brought tears to my eyes near the end, sometimes shy people have to hold back themselves, because I hate crying, it causes headaches as symptoms. This movie also reminds all of humanity, that when you get involved in drugs, money, and act in a criminal way, the prices of it are very heavy. You know the saying goes, "if you cant do the time, dont commit the crime." Great movie after all, really enjoyed it. Very powerful and well done! Enjoy, worth the money!
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The rock hits hard in this emotional thriller!

By MoviefanLucas
Written March 03, 2013
This movie had a very melodramatic trailer and with that in mind i wasn't expecting much from this movie but i'm a huge Dwayne The rock Johnson fan so i decided to give this movie a chance and wow this movie good and i'm happy to say my expectations were exceeded and this is easily one of the better movies to come out in first quarter of 2013. Like i said this movies trailer was very melodramatic and while the movie does have some melodramatic moments the pace is so good that when the melodramatic scenes happen they just breeze over them and don't pay much much mind to them but they do take a lot of time on the awesome action scenes ehich they should do. The acting was really good the rock proves that he can hold his own and not be outacted. The is somewhat predictable but the movie is so well done your still on the edge of your seat the whole time. I couldn't suggest snitch enough i'd give it a 9/10
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better than I thought

By danieldalton3
Written February 27, 2013
The movie had a lot of action, but had more depth than I expected. Also, Duane Johnson was more vulnerable in this movie than in his typical roles which rely on his strength/fighting ability. The only fight scene he was involved in, he got beat up and didn't really fight back. Enjoyed it.
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By debora_jiles
Written March 10, 2013
Now for Snitch, this move was great! of course because Dawayne was handsome and he was hot!! in this move. He has the muscles and he had the bottom working in this move. I didn't take my eyes off this move. He could have did some more fighting in this move cause I really love it when he is beating up on people, but other than that it was a very action packed movie and the young man that played with him was awsome. He almost stole the show from Dawayne. GREAT MOVIE go and see it. You will not be disappointed.
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Wow...loved this movie!

By mcbrouwer
Written March 21, 2013
This movie was everything I want a movie to be; intense, edge of your seat, emotional, with an ending that brought me to tears. What a great ride. We went out of the theater talking about it for the rest of the day...telling everyone in my path they need to see this movie. Dwayne Johnson was excellent in this role. It didn't expoit his buff exterior at all...this was all about his emotional and mental state of desperation. All of the actors were very believable in their roles as well. Based on true evens...this is a movei that makes one really think about laws that are passed that are intended to be a great deterrent, but leaves no room for a situation like this. I wish there were more movies like this...that you felt that it was worth the money you paid for it and the money they put into making it. Highly recommend it!
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