The Rock never disappoints

By QueenBling
Written September 21, 2014
The acting was awesome, a great cast..The fact that the story was based on true events was a big plus, it really showed the love this dad had for his son. The fact that the Rock was in the movie was my main draw, but when Benjamin Bratt came on the screen, my view of this movie grew higher. Two Cutie Patuties in the same movie was the icing on the cake. Great visual effects (Eye Candy ) LOL....
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Wonderful Movie!

By sl27genius
Written July 23, 2014
I am Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fan, so I went to see this movie primarily to see him. I really enjoyed it. Drama, suspense, as another reviewer said, the truck chase scene was epic. The pacing was just a little slow for me, but otherwise, I would definitely see it again.
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By muttley1
Written October 22, 2014
The movie is very long and drawn out. After 20 minutes of watching and waiting for something to be unpredictable you get a gun fight. We held out and hoped for the best,but people were leaving and complaining about it. We left when the 12 year old boy in front of us started snoring,his dad had been asleep for awhile. We had very high hopes for this movie,but it left us flat. I wouldn't say "don't go see it",but there are a lot better movies out there. If your sitting at home and are bored,go see it at least you will get a good nap in or be ready for bed when you get back home.
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By movie lover plus 1
Written January 31, 2015
The movie was very exciting and had a lot of suspense. It was much better than I expected. My mother even enjoyed it and already wants to see it again.
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Typical Story Line, great movie.

By Scottydoesntknow1
Written February 26, 2013
This movie was everything I thought it would be. It was action packed and the story line had a bit of a twist. A Really good watch nonetheless. Enjoyed myself thoroughly minus the kids in the movie theater who kept screaming. ??
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