By wwfstlmo1
Written August 24, 2016
go ans see it a must see!the rock playes a excellent roll in this movie and its not from wwe studios.throughout the whole movie quiet,as you could hear a pin drop.eveeryone tuned in to the movie.
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A Must See

By dnafirester
Written December 10, 2016
Fast-paced storyline but took the time to build up characters and let you care about them. If you're going in expecting Dwayne to be some hotshot man-killer, go watch Walking Tall. This is not that type of movie. You'll have to watch this to find out in this action-packed, heart-tugging, suspenseful drama!
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My view of Snitch

By ada4482
Written October 28, 2016
Personally i thought it was good but when they said that it was based on actual events they must have been correct.. This was a really no frills movie and does not have the action that i normally would expect, the actors were really good, just seemed like something missing. This is a movie for the older kids and adults. As i said it was not a bad movie just missing that little something.
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Keep an open mind

By KissTheChef
Written February 21, 2017
Well, full disclaimer up front. I only went to this movie because my Mom has a massive thing for The Rock. We must see everything that he is in, even if it's only a cameo. That means, I'll be seeing a movie with him in it for the next 3 months!! Anyway, I had read the reviews that came out in the Friday paper and wasn't expecting very much. While Dwayne won't be winning any acting nominations or awards for this one, the movie was passable. Lots of action. It did drag quite a bit in several spots and there were a few moments when you rolled your eyes and had to just go with the premise. That being said, it's a very entertaining and sometimes suspenseful way to kill a couple of hours. You should walk away being fairly entertained.
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By thedoctor777
Written June 29, 2016
I really loved this film for several reasons. The story was based on true events and the director did a great job of keeping the pace perfect all the way throughout the movie. The entire cast did a wonderful job acting and each were perfect for their roles. This film proves that Hollywood can make a fine movie without nudity, sex, cussing or graphic violence. I never lost interest in this one from start to finish. The car chase scenes are intense; but not over the top. I came away from this film believing that what I saw on the screen was 100% believably. Nothing was over the top or exaggerated to the point of being fake. Good film if you want to be entertained and not offended by the trend of most movies made in Hollywood these days.
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