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By ky0270
Written February 15, 2013
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one of my favorite movies ever

By coowboys
Written June 24, 2008
this is a great move because it has an interesting story and the way it is filmed is unique, it has great action, great characters, lots of great actors. i recomend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. here is my top 25 in pretty close order. 1. 300 2. gladiator 3. dumb and dumber 4. fight club 5. snatch 6. boondock saints 7. pulp fiction 8. running scared 9. saving private ryan 10. the departed 11. lock, stock and two smoking barrels 12. braveheart 13. lord of the rings 14. the punisher 15. remember the titans 16. oceans 11 17. lucky # slevin 18. man on fire 19. con air 20. liar liar 21. saw 1 22. blow 23. four brothers 24. revolver 25. donnie darko
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One of my top ten's!

By tarra_32
Written August 07, 2007
I love this movie. I must admit the first time I watched it, it was very difficult to understand the accents...but after watching it with closed captioning I finally understoon and now LOVE this movie. It has some of the greatest movie lines ever!
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Snatch This!

By eanderson923
Written August 20, 2014
By far one of the most clever, entertaining, and witty films I've seen to this date. I highly recommend for any heist enthusiast.
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By captainmikehasbrouck
Written April 23, 2014
One of the best movies ever!!! Great characters. Brad pitt is great as a pikey!! I have seen this film a 100 times over. And have turned it on to dozens of people. Hey i am watching it now!!
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