Good snake movie

By movie-fan_ colts
Written July 01, 2008
At least its belevable unlike most films involving snakes. Great acting by Samuel L. If you have really bad problems with snakes then don't see it.
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By aleppoman
Written December 16, 2006
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By Yellorama
Written July 11, 2007
I wish my microwave had a snake setting. . .
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Delivers what it Promises...

Written January 21, 2008
Rating this one is hard, I loved it, but clearly most people will not. And since Fandango doesn't exactly have a "Great but not For Everyone rating," I went with So-So. For me personally it's an 8-8.5 scenario. It knows what it is, a cheesy/bad action movie and it runs with it. I respect that. It's funny, it's action filled, and it's got Mother F***in' Snakes on a Mother F***in' Plane! Sam Jackson is great in this one and if you like bad action movies, check it out. But if you're looking for plot, intelligence, character development, emotional drama, or any other thing people associate with a "good film" stay out of this bad-boy's way...
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By Fooly-Cooly
Written January 01, 2008
Come on, we all know this movie is stupid. But COME ON, if ROCKS. It was just hilarious. Samuel Jackson's line is priceless.
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