Entertaining action flick

By TerpsFan72
Written September 27, 2012
A very entertaining action movie, not much more to say than that. Doesn't try to be anything but that.
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Five Word Review

By misscb
Written February 02, 2010
Killers Hunting For Same Man
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Smokin Aces is smokin' confusing

By xxredheadjessxx
Written August 05, 2007
I found this movie amusing on most pointes but a tad bit confusing and rushed for my taste. I had a hard time understanding the big "secret" at the end and it seemed to me all the scenes were as if someone had their finger on the fast forward button and was skimming thru something important. On the upside I highly enjoyed the Tremor Brothers and thought they were everything a hired killer should be, not to mention down right funny. So in whole, I could see it again, but if not, no big loss.
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One of the worst I saw this year.

By lvbrook
Written April 18, 2007
I love actions movies but trust me, this one was beyond silly. It tried hard to be clever with over-the top violence and bizarre characters but failed tremendously. A lot of great actors in a hard-to-believe, rarely funny film. A good action movie shouldn't seem like it is trying to hard and this one did. A want to be Pulp fiction/ Mob Movie. Watch something else.
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Stock writing

By robmac
Written March 15, 2007
I figured out the ending about 9 minutes in. Kind of made the rest a drag. :(
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