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A fragile college student thinks a killer has been summoned through the Internet to murder her.
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By ashnsky09
AMAZING MOVIE if you love youtube then it is a must see all your favorites are in here most awesomest epicness movie i have ever seen...

Pretty bad

By jhs39
Mostly lame horror movie tries to create a new horror villain, a sort of cyberspace version of Bloody Mary where you type in I did it for the lutz(???) on a video chat 3 times and the title character...

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By laclairmia
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By BruceLeeBalboa

By Edwardlover550
If you love YouTube then it is a must see! Great movie written and directed by TotallySketch and all the amazing YouTubers in it including Shane Dawson If you love YouTube then it is a must see! Great...

I was the only one in the theater!?

By doodlebreath
You people missed out on a good movie. Hopefully they make a smiley 2...

it was ok for a youtubers movie

By joshsatx80
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like a scream wanna be!

By kingmalique19


By maddievcusick
Shane Dawson michael gallager aka totally sketch shanna Toby turner aka tobusus YouTube over load MUST GO!!!!!!...

Better than anticipated

By iminist3r
Smiley, a remake of Bloody Mary or Candy Man, significantly better than I anticipated it to be. The actors and director all did a superb job. The script was well written, just a little weak. Not a...

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Rated R | For For violence, terror, language, some sexual references and substance use by teens.