Spot On!

By lawyerboo
Written February 24, 2017
As someone in the recovery community, I tend to anticipate movies that attempt to portray addiction and recovery with some trepidation wondering if they will "get it right." In my opinion, "Smashed" gets it right. It explores alcoholism and recovery and all the potential subplots of the journey (i.e., personalities/situations in AA, having a significant other who still uses, dealing with issues with employers after we get sober, relapse, family dynamics, etc. etc.) all in around an hour and a half!! If you are in recovery, you will enjoy it and may find yourself shaking your head "yes that was me" or "could have been me." The acting was terrific all around. I highly recommend it!
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Solid film

By karinagw
Written May 30, 2017
(Disclaimer: this is not a film I generally would have gone to see had it not been the first project my daughter worked on when she moved to L.A. (Prop Intern, Yay, Diana)) That said, while it doesn't break any new ground nor does it give any great insights, Smashed is a solidly written film with an exceptional cast and excellent performances.
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More than a PSA for alcoholism

By VAmovie_goer
Written August 27, 2016
Smashed is film which shows the struggles of one peson to overcome alcoholism. The film doesn't try to demonize alcoholism nor make excuses for it. The acting was excellent with special kudos to Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
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I got what I came for! Wow, well done!

By Calylily
Written April 25, 2017
Wow, well done! Mary Elizabeth Winstead did not disappoint! I specifically went to see if she could really act as well as I saw on the preview that I saw! FINALLY, a great actress emerges from a generation of ho-hum actresses. She could very well be the Meryl Streep of her generation! And, if you are someone who has experienced an alcoholic in your home, the raw vibes and memories that this movie depicts will all come back to you - I caution this because it did that for me. . . a not so great result, but if movie making can be this good, that is bound to happen. Great movie making? . . . well, its about time! Bravo!!
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For anyone even remotely touched by alcoholism

By timcollins
Written October 25, 2016
This movie is the most realistic picture of real-life alcoholism and the complexity of a relationship with an alcoholic. But it is also a movie of experience, strength and hope Relating to alcoholism and addiction of all sorts that I don't think has ever before been captured by any filmmaker, At least not to this extent! It almost seems like the actors were not acting but really living the part. If you have even been remotely touched by anybody with alcoholism and/or drug addiction this is a must see. If you have ever had Any doubts that alcoholism is a disease this movie will removes them all.
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