"You Cant Read"

By Daydream
Written May 28, 2008
"What is it like sitting alone at lunch everyday?" Smart People is a cranky movie with dialogue meant to go over your head. Excellent self-absorbed acting by the main cast with complementary roles from the remainder. Quaid, Page and Church were phenomenal! It is extremely sarcastic and too smart at times, but has a meaningful storyline. This film helps you realize to "stop being miserable and accept things the way they are".
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barely a "go"

By eyeful
Written April 15, 2008
an interesting story another slice o'life of the in's and out's of an academic family that just hovers outside of dysfunctional not really a black comedy, not really a drama i went to see SJP, her character seemed underdeveloped and a bit bland ellen page managed to make a young republican, over-achiever funny, but the dialog was POOP compared with diablo cody's genius in juno. it's a renter!
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A tour de force

By nymomma
Written April 09, 2008
I caught this movie at a preview, and it's a must see ... Thomas Haden Church is hysterical ... Dennis Quaid and SJP have great on-screen chemistry ... and Ellen Page nails the role of a stick-in-the-mud teenager. See it. You won't be sorry.
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People?-- Yes; Smart? -- NO!

By jimchudnow
Written April 11, 2008
Based on an advance preview: This film is being sold as a comedy-romance. I found exceptionally LITTLE to laugh at, and romantic only if you use its meaning of "IMPRACTICAL". It might better be described as, DYSFUNCTIONAL 'R US. On a technical level, all the main actors (Dennis Quaid as the father, Sarah Jessica Parker as a doctor, Thomas Haden Church as Quaid's brother, Ellen Page as Quaid's sarcastic & bitter daughter & Ashton Holmes as his often-ignored son) do a good job portraying their usually-strange characters. The problem is, so many of the characters are inherently OFF-putting (especially Quaid's arrogant, shuffling teacher). A friend agreed with me that it's hard to fathom WHY certain characters would be ATTRACTED to each other (i.e., Parker with Quaid and Page with Church). There are some interesting "commentaries" mixed in with the fluff, but it's all so subtle, you have to wonder if it's worth the effort. The film is not bad, but it's not very good. I'd give it 2.5*.
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Falling out of my chair funny

By edcahill
Written April 08, 2008
I saw this one at Sundance and it's an extremely funny movie. Thomas Haden Church and Elllen Page have awesome timing and great chemistry. The writing is pitch perfect. Actually, the audience was pretty much laughing nonstop. Unless they were crying. There are also some pretty moving scenes, and the ending is surprising and pretty original. And say what you want about Sarah Jessica Parker, she's talented actor.
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